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Junior High School (Grade6-Grade9)

The International Junior High Division at the Canadian International School of Foshan (CISFS) consists of students from grades 6 to 9. We offer the Alberta junior high school curriculum, which encompasses a wider range of subjects at this stage, emphasizing practical application and interdisciplinary learning. In addition, our school’s team of professional teachers provides personalized learning guidance based on the characteristics of the students and their future educational directions.

    An overview of the curriculum settings and features of the Alberta junior high school is as follows:


    1. Core Subjects

    Includes English Language Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Studies. These subjects are designed to establish a solid foundation of knowledge and skills, with increasing depth and complexity.

    2. Science and Technology Education

    Emphasizes the application of scientific methods and experimental skills, as well as the role of technology in modern society.

    3. Comprehensive Courses

    Provide a broader learning experience, such as Health and Life Skills courses, to ensure that students' personal development is integrated with the actual society.

    4. Diverse Elective Courses:

    Includes Arts, Music, Drama, Technical Learning, Home Economics, and Physical Education, offering students the opportunity to explore personal interests and potential.

    5. Second Language Learning

    Encourages students to learn a second language, typically French or Spanish, to promote linguistic skills and an understanding of cultural diversity.

    6. Personalized Education

    Students are assessed for their abilities and provided with personalized learning plans to accommodate the needs of different students.

    7. Career Exploration and Guidance

    Guides students to start considering their future career paths and provides preliminary career education and planning.

    8. Community Involvement and Civic Awareness

    Encourages students to participate in community service and understand civic responsibilities, to cultivate awareness of social issues.
    The goal of this educational stage is to ensure that students achieve balanced development in cognition, emotion, and skills, while laying the foundation for their personal interests and future career goals.