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Dragon reopens school! CIS-FS Spring Class Welcome!

2024-02-29 15:06:30
As the Chinese New Year of the Dragon unfolds, CIS-FS embarks on a new chapter. On the recently passed February 21st, the CIS-FS spring class welcomed new students, who brought with them dreams and enthusiasm, starting a new journey in learning.
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We welcome new students from different countries, whose inclusion adds a multicultural dimension to our campus. On the first day of school, a series of welcoming activities were organized, including ice-breaking sessions, campus tours, teacher-student meet-and-greets, and cultural sharing. We specially prepared delicious Chinese and Western snacks to help new students integrate into the new environment in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Our Chinese Principal, Ted, emphasized in his welcome speech that CIEO, with its 23 years of rich educational experience, has paved the way for bright futures for more than 20,000 students. As a member of CIEO, CIS-FS will undoubtedly live up to expectations. Every student is an important member of our CIS-FS family. The school will make every effort to provide support and resources to help them achieve personal growth and academic pursuits, and to strive for their future dreams.
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Additionally, homeroom teacher, local, and foreign teachers have all provided encouragement. Beyond having sufficient confidence in academic studies, they hope new students will actively participate in various extracurricular activities and social practices offered by the school to broaden their horizons and develop their skills.

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Furthermore, to ensure that boarding students can quickly adapt to boarding life, special arrangements have been made by the logistics and dormitory management teachers for detailed explanations, ensuring new students have a safe and comfortable boarding environment.

CIS-FS believes that through continuous effort and exploration, every student can find their own light here. Let us embrace new challenges and grow together in this vibrant international school community, embarking on a new journey of learning!
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CIS-FS enrolls students aged 1-18, providing true K12 education for all age groups. Located in Shunde, Foshan, our brand-new campus with advanced facilities gathers high-quality teachers from around the globe and offers a diverse international curriculum system: Canadian Alberta curriculum, British A-levels, American AP courses, as well as a Creative Design Academy (CCDA). For students with specific goals, we offer specialized programs such as the "Oxbridge Guarantee" admission program, "University of California System Guarantee" admission program, and an International High School Aviation course!

We welcome you to contact us for comprehensive academic planning advice!