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Educational Philosophy

Innovate Today, Lead Tomorrow

Howard Stribbell
Dr. Stribbell graduated from the University of Lethbridge, Canada, with a BA (Honours), B. Ed (Honours) and M. Ed in Educational Leadership. He has a PhD in Technology, Education and Management from Assumption University, Thailand.

Howard Stribbell

Head of CISFS & Director of International Education

Doctorate Degree & 25+ Years in Education

“23 Years of ‘Education is Love’ is a testament to the passion, perseverance and dedication of CIEO’s Chairman-Winnie and all of the faithful staff of CIEO. From humble beginnings to a thriving network of educational communities, CIEO has grown in size, in purpose and in impact. Thousands of staff are dedicated to caring and educating tens of thousands of students. And yet, despite the size, every student is important and cared for deeply. This is the true meaning of ‘Education is Love”.

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Mr. Sjodin has worked in China for 12 years and has led numerous top education groups and international schools in the country.

Stefan Sjodin

Vice Director of International Education

23+ Years in Education

Nathan Gray7f2
Principal Nathan received a Master of Educational Leadership and Management (Honors) from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and a Bachelor of Education (Primary) and a Diploma of Teaching (Primary) from Western Sydney University, Australia. He has over 30 years of experience in education, including 17 years of senior leadership as a K-12 school principal, and has spent the last 7 years as an administrator at a well-known international school in Beijing. Under his leadership, CIS Foshan School has become more than a place for study; it's a nurturing ground for students to discover themselves, grow, and achieve their dreams. The school aims to be an even more open, inclusive, and innovative learning environment, with Nathan leading the entire teaching staff to propel students towards the world's top 100 universities.

Nathan Gray

Head of School

Lynne-Marie Grayt4r
Lynne-Marie Gray is a seasoned educator and leader with over 30 years of experience in K-12 schools, holding a Bachelor of Education in Special Education for Primary and a Diploma of Teaching from Western Sydney University. She has served in numerous key roles within the education sector, including as a teacher across all levels, elementary and middle/high school principal, K-12 deputy principal, and head of student engagement. Having worked in China for over 7 years, her global perspective and understanding of different cultures have enriched her educational approach. She is confident in making the elementary section of CIS Foshan School excel, guiding children to excel in their learning journey!

Lynne-Marie Gray

Elementary School Principal

Ted Szex
Mr. Sze  has over 11 years of international experience in creative arts education and management. Mr. Sze has previously served as the academic principal of two renowned international art schools in the South China region, and he has nurtured over 1000+ students who have been admitted to top 100-ranked universities worldwide.

Ted Sze

Principal of CIS Creative Design Academy

University of the Arts London, Bachelor's & Master's degrees

Kole Hunghfv
Kole Hung has nearly a decade of educational experience and holds a Bachelor of Arts and Design from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, as well as a degree in Early Childhood Education. Currently, Kole is pursuing a master’s degree in education at the University of New South Wales. Kole served as an elementary assistant teacher for four years at the Macau International School and has been a kindergarten class teacher for five years at CIS. Kole has unique insights into international kindergarten education and extensive practical experience with the curriculum.

Kole Hung

Kindergarten Coordinator