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Early Childhood Education (Ages 2-5)

Canadian International School of Foshan (CISFS) provides full day kindergarten programs for children aged 2-5. We follow the Alberta curriculum, and children will learn in an English-immersive and multicultural environment. Each class is led by a certified teacher, assisted by a teaching assistant and a life teacher.

    The Alberta curriculum for the kindergarten stage aims to ignite children's enthusiasm for learning and develop their social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Through a range of creative and interactive activities, children learn through exploration, play, and hands-on experiences, enjoying every step of their growth.

    Key features and components of the kindergarten curriculum include:

    1. English Language Development

    Emphasis is placed on developing children's language and communication skills. Through activities such as storytelling, songs, and games, children learn to express their thoughts and feelings.

    2. Mathematical Foundations

    This covers basic mathematical concepts such as counting, number recognition, simple addition and subtraction, shapes, and basic measurements. These concepts are taught through games and practical activities in daily life.

    3. Exploration and Science

    Children are encouraged to explore and understand the natural and scientific world through hands-on activities and exploration. This includes observing plants and animals, understanding weather and seasonal changes, and more.

    4. Artistic Expression

    This includes activities such as drawing, crafts, music, and drama, aiming to promote children's creativity and aesthetic abilities. Art activities also contribute to emotional expression and the development of social skills.

    5. Chinese Language and Culture

    Basic elements of Chinese culture, such as traditional festivals, customs, and arts, help children understand and appreciate the cultural background behind the Chinese language. Introduction to basic Chinese characters is also included to spark interest in Chinese.

    6. Physical Movement and Health

    Importance is given to physical activities and the cultivation of healthy habits, including basic motor skills, body coordination, and knowledge of daily health and safety.

    7. Social and Emotional Development

    Helping children build confidence, learn skills for interacting with peers and adults, understand and express emotions, and develop cooperation and sharing abilities.

    8. Environmental and Community Awareness

    Children are encouraged to learn about their community and environment, fostering curiosity and respect for the world around them.

    These curriculum features aim to provide a well-rounded education that supports children's holistic development and prepares them for future learning experiences.

    Impressive acceptance rate to TOP 100 universities worldwide

    CISFS, along with other outstanding member schools of the CIEO, has made relentless efforts to help students achieve excellent results. 
    In 2023, 88% of graduates from CISGZ were admitted to the top 100 global universities, and 100% were admitted to world-renowned universities.
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